Proven System Delivers Natural Stonework

When you walk onto a jobsite using New World Stoneworks you won’t see piles of rubble, heaps of scrap, clouds of dust from noisy diamond blades or many of the other things you would normally expect to see with natural stone construction. What you will see is exceptional stonework taking shape faster than you ever thought possible and exactly to the complete design plan that you proofed before the first stone was even set in place.

The difference is that, with New World Stoneworks, the entire project is delivered on neatly wrapped pallets, pre-shaped, hand chiseled and ready to install with no cutting. We coordinate delivery so each pallet is placed on the ground, right where the stones will be set for minimal handling during installation. On each pallet, the stones are stacked according to their numbered order of assembly, with an easy-to-follow laminated assembly plan.

Our stonework is installed up to 90% faster than traditional masonry techniques and exactly to the approved architect spec in every detail. What this means is that whether there is one mason or 100 masons installing the project, the look is consistent throughout the entire installation.

On larger jobs, a project manager plan displays which aspects of the natural stone construction each worker will be assembling, along with progress points in four hour increments to help keep the project on schedule.


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