A Stone Company Like no Other

We are passionate about the details that make our stonework speak for itself, and yes, this is real stone, the most authentic building material. When you work with us, you will experience our commitment to ensuring that every interaction with our team is a first-class, professional experience.

Ken Jackman, President

Our firm was established in 2004 around a process we invented for shaping natural stone with water, while making it possible to view an entire project in CAD before a single stone is even cut. Architects are embracing the system because it makes it possible to specify real stone in any design, knowing it will come in on budget and way ahead of schedule. This technology we have pioneered is now protected by multiple patent filings worldwide, including U.S. Patent #7,489,984.

With an uncompromising focus on quality and a remarkable technology that ensures total accountability at every stage of a project, New World Stoneworks has emerged as a leader in the modern stone masonry industry. For architects, builders and clients who recognize the value of exceptional stonework done right the first time, the option in which you can have total confidence is a simple choice, New World Stoneworks.



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